RIAC Community Spaces

Help us build an affordable meeting space, community space, and child-minding centre, for everyone!
The Refugee and Immigrant Advisory Council has been helping newcomers adjust to their life in Newfoundland for over 30 years! We do this through ESL classes, legal advice, personal advice, immigration tutoring, paperwork help, social events, and anything else that new Canadians might need, to help them fully participate in their new community. All of our classes and services are free!
RIAC does not get any consistent funding, and pays for all operations with donations, fundraising initiatives, and applying for grants. This is the first time that RIAC has ever tried crowd-funding. Let’s see how it goes!
We have a staff of three plus two full-time volunteers, and over 100 part-time and casual volunteers. We are currently operating on the third floor of 204 Water Street, which contains our office spaces, and our ESL classroom. We often host forums, large sessions, and social events, for which we often have to rent external spaces to accommodate our 400 members. We have been happily in our space for over 16 years but have been steadily outgrowing it. This fall, we want to branch out and grow, to serve not only newcomers but the entire St. John’s Metro Community!
You can help via our website or our IndieGoGo campaign: