Our organization was granted refuge by Common Ground

Back at the end of October when we had to vacate our premises of 20 years Dave Lane came on behalf of Common Ground to offer us a space to store our furniture and office stuff.

At the time we had no plan or opportunity to move to a permanent location. In the last weeks we have been having a good number of benefactors coming with donations to help with our expenses and rent. A growing number has started a monthly donation that will help us to build an steady budget.

We went out in search of a space to be able to operate. We had very many offers from churches of different denominations, community groups and private individuals. But we needed at least an office space that we could use on a permanent basis. As well as at least 3 rooms to house our English as a Second Language program.

As of today, at the issuance of this newsletter we don’t have a permanent solution, nor one option on the horizon. We are seeking for that space by contacting relevant stakeholders, prominent members of our province and other organizations and businesses. We hope to find a space for 3 offices, 3 classrooms, gathering room and services. We are very open to suggestions. Please contact our Executive Director if you have an idea.

Common Ground has offer us the possibility to use one of their locations on a provisional basis. We will be able to restart our ESL program, we will be able deliver several workshops and focus groups that were scheduled for this ending fall. And, most importantly, we will be able to look after the numerous individuals seeking help with their needs on immigration, employment, education, health and more. We won’t have to use José’s car or MUN libraries or coffee shops all over town. By the way, thanks has to be given to the staff at Jumping Bean on Elizabeth Av. and Coffee Matters on Military Road.

Please, be on the lookout for an invitation for a home warm up gathering early January.

Our new provisional address is:
Phone: 709-754-4122
Fax:     709-754-4102

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