In partnership with The Wellness Coalition of Avalon East, The Coalition on Richer Diversity, and the Refugee and Immigrant Advisory Council

On behalf of the Subnetwork on Child and Youth Development Priority of the Wellness Coalition of Avalon East (WCAE) we are hosting a community discussion and brainstorming session to address some of the issues surrounding women in isolation in St. John’s.

As members of WCAE RIAC, CORD, Daybreak Community Programs, and the Centre for Life recently met to discuss general community wellness. One issue that we all agreed should be addressed, is the state of isolation for many Newcomer Women. Especially those women with barriers in employment, language, transportation, and childcare.

We would like to further the discussion on this subject, and hear many community voices, to brainstorm ideas for community programming that would encourage women who face these issues, to explore their community. We believe that this has the potential to improve their quality of life, and overall mental health. We would love to hear ideas on the kinds of programs that could be beneficial, grants that could be applied for, interesting ways to encourage participation, and perspectives of refugee or immigrant women who themselves have faced periods of isolation, or any other thoughts that you may have to add to this discussion.

Snacks, tea and coffee will be provided by the Wellness Coalition of Avalon East. Please register for the event, as we have limited capacity.

Topics that can be addressed are:

  • Ideas for activities that can transcend language/cultural barriers
    Community child care sharing and co-ops
  • Carpooling, or other ways to overcome transportation barriers
  • Not-for-profits that may be interested in developing Newcomer Women’s programming
  • Community venues that can be appropriate for women/children’s activities
  • Ways to pool funding to develop such a project
  • Ways in which community groups can work together to provide large-scale programming like this
  • Ways to make women in isolation aware of their opportunities to socialize.


1:30        Arrival, tea and coffee, snacks and networking
2:00        Presentation of some of the key issues we believe to be present for newcomer women in isolation
2:30        Open discussion, brainstorming session, question and answer period, to address these concerns, and come up with attainable goals to help these women participate in their communities.

Join us for a community discussion to address this important topic!

Women in Isolation Community Discussion

January 20, 1:30-3:30

RIAC Headquarters
204 Water Street, Suite 3000
St. John’s NL

To Register, please complete this simple online form (so we know how many to expect)

Feel free to contact Natasha  with any questions or comments. I can also be reached at (709) 764 3117

Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you!